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Photo Booths Established 1925

Photo Booths: The Hot New Trend

Who would have ever thought that something invented in 1925 and found in every arcade in the 70s and 80s would become the new must have addition to your party in 2015!

The rebirth of photo booth mania started around 2004 and has been steadily growing ever since. You may find some at the local mall in a variety of configurations. But, if you are going to a wedding, bar mitzvah or company party this year you are sure to experience first hand why this old concept has gotten fresh legs!

Unlike the small photo booths of old, today's photo booths like those offered by Booth Crazy Photobooths in KC, offer guests a whole new experience. What could be more fun than cramming 10 of your craziest friends into a booth and throwing inhibition to the wind? Guests can adorn the crazy props provided or go natural. Either way, something about being behind that curtain brings out the wild side of almost anyone! It is an experience that they will relive every time they look at the print they received as an instant keepsake.

Today's photobooths are usually ran by a computer, specialized software, DSLR camera, and some sort of studio flash. The print outs are printed in seconds using dye sublimation printers. The software takes control of the camera functions. Once activation button is pressed, the camera takes 3 or 4 shots at a specific delay between each. At Booth Crazy Photo Booths, it is 4 shots, 7 seconds apart. The 4 shots are compiled within the computer, saved to the computer and sent to the printer. A few seconds later, you will be showing off your masterpiece to everyone in sight. It is simple but so much fun.

Adding to the fun, is the more times you go through the booth the better you get at it! Because photobooths are generally rented for the evening with unlimited trips, guests can go through over and over again. Usually getting crazier each time!

Sharing of your photo booth fun couldn't be easier and has likely contributed to it catching on so quickly. Most of the time, your guests will be able to view the photos on-line for a number of days. Often, the images will be given to the host to share. In addition, unlike most photographers, photobooth operators actually encourage scanning! They are your pics, do with them as you like!

So, if you are having a get together and want to provide your guests with a fun activity that they are sure to remember, renting a photobooth may be just the ticket. Just remember that like anything else, it pays to do your due diligence. Photobooths come in many shape and sizes with prices ranging from $500-1500. Make sure you see the booth and know what you are getting. Have fun and happy photo boothing!

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