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Things To Know About Your

KC Photo Booth


How does the photo booth work?


Step right up to your Booth Crazy Photo Booth and we will guide you through it all.  After you've done it once, you are sure to be a pro.  There is a screen inside where you will position yourself in the middle.  We tilt and zoom to make sure that you get the best possible shots.  Once you have adorned your accessories, we will start the session.  You will be taking multiple shots, 7 seconds apart.  It is time to loosen up, get crazy and have a blast.  Our Kansas City photobooths accomodate 1 guest to as many as 20 at a time.  Upon exiting, you will be presented with 2 photobooth strips.  If you upgrade to unlimited strips, everyone will get a copy.  


Can I customize the photo booth strip?

Absolutely, you can add any text you like, a logo or sponsorship info.  There is no extra charge!


How much space do I need?

Our booths vary in size depending on venue setup.  Typical set up is 5X5 and space required is approximatly 7X9 feet.  If we set up as small as possible (4X4), the space needed is 6X8 feet.  If space allows, we can set up a mega size 7X7 booth that allows for more people to get in on the fun!  Our record is currently 24.  Can you beat it?  A mega size booth requires approximatly 10X12 feet of floor space.


Can booth be set up outside?

Yes, our photo booths can be set up outdoors.  However, keep in mind that if rain threatens it may need to be torn down fast!  Also, wind can be a factor forcing us to shoot without the enclosure.  Best bet is to provide an area that is covered and provides a wind break.


Where is best place to set up my KC Photo Booth?


We recommend setting up your photobooth close to the action.  If set up in another room, it is likely to either not get used or more likely pull people away from the rest of the party.


Any special electrical requirements?

No!  Our photo booths run just fine via a regular household AC Outlet.  Outlet needs to be within 20 feet of where booth is to be set up.

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